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Heliocol Solar Pool Heating- Heating your pool with Heliocol solar panels is a sound investment in your home, health and lifestyle. Using free solar energy, Heliocol extends your swim season allowing the entire family to spend more time in the pool. Morning exercise, afternoon pool parties and even late night swims are all part of "The Heliocol Solar Experience."

A high-quality, solar pool heating system will enhance the experience of owning a swimming pool. Enjoy your own "solar experience" with the world's leading solar pool heating system.

A Heliocol solar pool heating system means you can enjoy comfortable swimming temperatures for much more of the year. Subject to location, seasonal variations and your own comfort needs, your swimming season can be extended by up to four months per year. Imagine starting your swimming season two months sooner than you do now and extending your season for an extra two months in autumn.

In most parts of Australia this could provide you with up to eight or even nine months comfortable swimming. In northern Australia, your swim season could even extend to year-round swimming.


Heliocol Solar Pool Heating- Heliocol protects panels and components with a 25-year, factory-backed warranty. This includes a 12 years warranty on all Heliocol manufactured parts PLUS another 13 years pro rata (50/50).

Heliocol is additionally backed by a 12 year warranty against damage by cockatoos, possums and other vermin (5 years plus 7 years pro rata 50/50)

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