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Taking Control Of Your Solar Energy - CATCH, works with your current Solar PV system, diverts the solar energy that is excess to your home and use it to heat your hot water. Forget about constantly hanging tariffs.

Save Hundreds Of $/year! - There are significant savings to be made by making better use of your solar electricity.

Intuitive Programming To Improve Efficiency - CATCH is always assessing how much off-peak has been used and adjusting to maximise the use of your solar.

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Please download the brochure to learn more or call our sales team on 03 5153 0722


Heating Things Up - Green CATCH is simply a diverter of solar power that is excess to your household.

  • CATCH is installed in the meter box.

  • CATCH monitors power coming and going from your premises; when the diverter senses power leaving it redirects that power to your hot water service.

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